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Still Day 2, 9-22. After visiting Hikone Castle, we bought some food from a Lawson convenient store and ate in the car before continuing north to Katsuyama 勝山市.

We spend two nights at the Katsuyama New Hotel. First evening we had sushi, while second night we went to a diner after our hike of Hakusan (separate album).

Yakitori from Lawson. Not bad at all, and inexpensive.

Had wanted to try this for a long time!

No idea what's so exciting about driving a Mazda Demio (Mazda2).

GPS shows service area info on the expressway.

One of the numerous tunnels on the E8 Hokuriku Expressway 北陸自動車道.

Branching off to the not-completed E67 Chubu-Jukan Expressway 中部縦貫自動車道.

A bit 1980's, but very spacious and clean room at the Katsuyama New Hotel.

They still have phonebooks in Japan.

Didn't realize SONY makes small appliances too.

Beautiful house beside our hotel.

Big buddhist temple that has a tall 17m/56ft Buddha statue.

Panorama from our room that faces West.

We found dinner at this conveyor belt sushi.

Very inexpensive.

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