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After lunch, we revisited the small primary school in 雲縣茶房鄉大河邊村. This was the first school we visited back in 2006 on our very first trip with Sowers Action. And there was big ceremony for the dedication. This time we came to see the small dormitory building that we helped finance.

Turned out the school has been very well run. In fact, it's the best of all schools we've visited in many trips in several provinces. We were very very glad.

After the visit, headed north to Yunxian 雲縣 for dinner before overnighting in Fengqing 鳳慶.

4.5 years after our visit, the building still looks good.

Nicely paved basketball court.

The new dormitory building that we came to visit.

Dorm #1.

Another room.

Activities Room.

Total floor space about 1,300 sq ft. We spent about 70K RMB, out of 170K.


A water tank was installed following the drought of 2010.

Revisiting the classroom building.

The lower plaque with extra info is new.

4th Grade classroom.

3rd Grade.

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