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5/10 - After meeting with officials back in Xiangjiang, we returned to Lincang 臨滄 and overnighted there.

5/11 - Revisited 馬街完小 in 雲縣茶房鄉 enroute to 大寨. We visited this school on our 2006 trip.

Back towards Xiangjiang. Much of the road is paved with bricks, not concrete or asphalt.

Again, breaking at Dawen, but at a different spot. This monument for the "revolutionaries".

The area is a "nationally-run forest".

"Swan Lake Hotel" in Xiangjiang. Wonder why didn't stay here the night before.

Meeting the education officials at their Youth Activity Center.

Meeting over. Note that Xiangjiang is one of few "autonomous county" with 4 minority groups.

Local nuts.

Dexter enjoying local snacks.

Some sort of rice crispy.

The nuts that we just had.

Visiting one of the local official's home.

Leaving Xiangjing for our drive back to Lincang.

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