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11/16/10 SQ859 HKG-SIN 77E 9V-SQE
11/17/10 SQ223 SIN-PER 333 9V-STI
11/20/10 SQ224 PER-SIN 333 9V-STM
11/20/10 SQ872 SIN-HKG 77E 9V-SQJ

CO 764 N66056 ready for ferry flight to HNL, along with the regular 77E for EWR.

CX's "Asia World City" 77W B-KPF, delivered 1/30/08.

My 77E 9V-SQE towed into gate.

Small screen, video on a loop on this 77E with old regional business.

Lunch is served.

Innovative salad.

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