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We finally left Hallstatt in the afternoon and headed towards Salzburg. But first, we would visit three filming locations of Sound of Music.

First is a meadow overlooking the town of Werfen and Hohenwerfen Castle, about 40km/25mi south of Salzburg. This is where Julie Andrews and the kids sang the first part of "Do Ri Me".

Then we skirted around Salzburg and headed back east to Mondsee to visit its abbey. This is the filming location of Maria and Georg's wedding (not in real life).

Finally, a bit south of Mondsee, we drove to the quiet lake of Fusclsee, where the opening of the movie was shot.

We checked into the Crowne Plaza Salzburg - The Pitter, and had dinner close by at the bräurestaurant of Salzburg's Stiegl beer.

Leaving Hallstatt on Hwy 166 heading west.

Town of Gosau.

Lunch at a tiny shack in the small resort town of Abtenau.

Now heading south on Hwy 159. Parallel to main train route to Slovenia from Salzburg.

Hohenwerfen Castle (11th C).

The meadow overlooking Hohenwerfen Castle.

Searching on internet and locating using GPS, this is the meadow of "Do Re Mi".

We are about 40km/25mi south of Salzburg.

Underneath us is the village of Werfen.

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