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We had another SPCC alumni gathering in Houston. LIke last year, we had dinner at Ocean Palace Restaurant on Bellaire Blvd. Unfortunately, only about 11 alumni and one teacher (and spouses) this time, for 20 people total.

One far right is our new member, Suzanne Poon 潘寶珊 ('58).

Chan Kwai Ling 陳桂玲 ('62) and husband Andy.

Alan Kwan 關英傑 ('64) with Stella Wong's husband Gary.

Four beauties.

Nora's husband Ringo, Gary, Alan Kwan 關英傑 ('64), Nora Tong 湯孝靖 ('68) and Kin Leung 梁建邦 ('68)

Back: Alan, Rita, Gary; Front: Rosie, Antia, Stella

Back: Rita, Kin, Rosie, Nora, Ringo, Alan; Front: Larry, Maria, Suzanne


Chan Kwai Ling 陳桂玲 ('62) describing her half-year in China.

Our "dear leader" Alan Kwan 關英傑 ('64).

Nora Tong 湯孝靖 ('68) descibing her gathering in Toronto with SPCC alumni and theachers there.

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