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There was a mini get-together for the Flyertalk members in the Houston area. We had drinks at the Flying Saucer in downtown, then went to the Minute Maid Park for the Astros' preseason game against the KC Royals, and then went back to the Flyer Saucer for more drinks. Great place with a great beer selection.

Shot with my mom's compact Nikon Coolpix 3700.

timo469, ssullivan, CO Insider & J. Edward

Anglo Large Clawed Otter & CO 1E

ssullivan, CO Insider, J. Edward & "Jane"

IAH_Flyer & ND Sol

We had seats in the Crawford Boxes.

Roof was closed at the Juice Box due to rain. BTW, the Astros won.

CO Insider & ssullivan

CO Insider & Starwood Lurker discussing the merger of Onepass and SPG.

These guys spent 2 hours trying get online, but failed.

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