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11/16/10 SQ859 HKG-SIN 77E 9V-SQE
11/17/10 SQ223 SIN-PER 333 9V-STI
11/20/10 SQ224 PER-SIN 333 9V-STM
11/20/10 SQ872 SIN-HKG 77E 9V-SQJ

CO 764 N66056 ready for ferry flight to HNL, along with the regular 77E for EWR.

My 77E 9V-SQE towed into gate.

CX's "Asia World City" 77W B-KPF, delivered 1/30/08.

Small screen, video on a loop on this 77E with old regional business.

Lunch is served.

Innovative salad.

Ice cream is dessert for all lunch/dinner service in economy.

Our actual route from HKG to SIN.

SIN T3. Dazzling.

Shopping at gate area past initial check.

Plane viewing is behind two sets of glasses. Not good for photography.

Airbus 330-300 9V-STI for my flight to PER.

Spacious and uncrowded gate area past security. Lots of free computer terminals and free wi-fi.

Huge screen on new A333. Various connectors, coat hanger, cup holder.

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