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I rode the PS-30 Jetfoil "Balsa" back to Hong Kong. I asked for a window seat on the left side to capture ferries going the other way. "Balsa" has relatively clean and scratch-free windows, compared to the Tricat I took from Hong Kong to Macau the day before.

Foilcat "Barca" (日星) departing for Hong Kong.

I rode on it once - in Nov 2006.

Going underneath Friendship Bridge.

Ready to deploy its foils and take off.

Will be in Hong Kong in under an hour.

"Urzela" (鐵星) resting at the Macau pier.

"Balsa" (北星) will take me back to Hong Kong.

My first time on a PS-30.

Tricat "Universal Mk 2009" arriving from Hong Kong.

Jetfoil "Santa Maria" (金星) enroute to Macau.

Boeing 929-100-005, built 1974.

New Ferry LXXXVI enroute from Kowloon.

"Flores" (水星)

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