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We had a mini-GTG of Fodorites for Dim Sum ( 點心 ) at the Ocean Palace Restaurant on Bellaire Blvd. I brought my parents along for the gathering. Present were:

Mel and Sandi (MSheinberg)
Stacey (moldyhotelsaregross)
Don (dfr4848)
Paula (sarge56)
My parents and I (rkkwan)

I ordered the most traditional dim sum dishes, and seems like everybody enjoyed them. And it was extremely affordable - we paid $11 each, tips included.

Shot with the 17-55IS, no flash.

Upstairs at the Ocean Palace.

Mel and Sandi.

My parents and Mel.

Stacey, Paula and Don.

Mel and Sandi visited Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.

Har Gow ( 蝦餃 ) - shrimp dumpling. The most classic of all dim sum dishes.

Shao Mai ( 燒賣 ) - another classic, with minced pork.

Char Siu Bao ( 叉燒飽 ) - steamed bun with BBQ pork.

Pai Gwat ( 排骨 ) - spare ribs.

Cheong Fun ( 腸粉 ) - rice noodle roll.

Chun Guen ( 春卷 ) - fried spring roll.

Woo Gok ( 芋角 ) - fried taro dumpling.

Lo Bak Go ( 蘿蔔糕 ) - turnip cake; steamed and then pan-fried.

Chow Mien ( 抄麵 ) - stir-fried noodles.

Gai Lan ( 芥蘭 ) - Chinese broccoli, with oyster sauce.

Lo Mai Chi ( 糯米糍 ) - a dessert made with glutinous rice.

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