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Visited Hong Kong during summer of 1993. I just bought my Canon 100/Elan, and was trying out various films. The ones at the Peak was shot in the super fine grain Kodak Ektar 25. And then on the trip to Macau, I shot B&W for the first and only time in my life.

The lens was the 1st generation Tamron 28-200. Pretty sharp and low distortion, but horrible vignetting. Flare was a problem too.

Scanned with Minolta Elite Scan II at highest resolution, around 7-8MP.

From The Peak.

Victoria Harbour was wider back then.

Reclamation already begun behind Stonecutter's Island for more container terminals.

No ifc, no Four Seasons. Peninsula was building its tower.

Central Plaza in Wanchai was tallest building then.

Bank of China, Citibank, Pacific Place, just like they are now.

Looking towards the south from The Peak.

Standard Chartered and HSBC from Botanical and Zoological Gardens.

Central Star Ferry, 13 years before it was torn down.

The Convention Center extension wasn't there yet.

Nathan Road at night.

Hyatt Regency, also gone now.

Jetfoil in original Far East Hydrofoil livery. Outside Cheung Chau.

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