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Here are the other pictures taken TO, FROM, IN and AROUND Kota Kinabalu during our trip. Including a visit to the Aquarium and Marine Museum at University Malaysia Sabah.

Air Asia AK6803 320 9M-AHR HKG-BKI, May 21st. Single class, but red seats cost more.

A tight 29" pitch.

Our aircraft from HKG. Stairs only at BKI T2, used only by AK.

9M-AFY "Team Lotus" parked next to us.

Have to say, pretty cool livery.

Sunday market on Gaya Street. Woke all of us up at 5am, May 22nd.

One of many eateries downstairs from our hostel.

People still sew here. Big Singer store with new and old machines for sale.

These fruits go by many names, one of them "Java Apples", but they're not apples. 蓮霧/天桃.

Glutinous rice dumplings.

No idea what these are for.


This vendor of ceramics brought a whole set of traditional Sabah gongs.

Various meatballs and fishballs.

Lunch at this popular local eatery outside city center.

Biggest menu ever!

They are famous for their fish noodles. We ordered 5 different types for 5 of us.

A seahorse at the Aquarium and Marine Museum at the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

One of many types of sea anemone (海葵) there.

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