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Took a short trip to Boston to see my sister and brother-in-law in mid-June 2009. On the way back, stopped at NYC for a couple of days.

Shot with the 35L and 85/1.8.

A church in Waltham, MA near my sister's place.

River St, Waltham.

MBTA commuter train arriving from Boston N Station.

Waltham Common.

Main St.

Taken for my friend Mimi.

A blue heron.

"The Rose" refers to the museum at Brandeis University.

Abandoned railroad bridge over Charles River.

This cat lives across the street from my sister.

Neither of us can figure out the Chinese name, or who Denian is.

Park visitor center located inside an old textile mill.

The whole city of Lowell is full of mill buildings like these.

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