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Dec 30. Departed Kurokawa Onsen and drove all the way to the top of Mount Aso (阿蘇山). Arrived Kagoshima (鹿児島) in the evening, staying at the Remm Kagoshima.

Dec 31. Boarded jetfoil to Yakushima (屋久島), with a brief stop at Nishinoomote (西之表) on Tanegashima (種子島)

Stopping for soft ice cream on the scenic Yamanami Highway (Rte 11).

Starting to snow on the top of Mt. Aso. Cannot see the caldera.

Hiding from the snow in the shelter (for ashes).

Visibility getting worse from both snow and fumes.

A tiny shrine at the edge of the caldera.

Snow not letting up.

Significant accumulation in just an hour.

Riding an old streetcar in Kagoshima. Similar rheostat control as seen on those in HK before.

A geek who cannot help himself.

Sushi dinner #1 at the conveyor-belt Mekkemon. One can also order via touchscreen.

Sushi delivered by the Shinkansen on the track above.

So-so quality.

Sushi Dinner #2 at "Sushi Gin" (寿司銀)

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